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"Aston d'Echery's mission is to maximise company value by recruiting talented managers, value is generated in both the short and long term".

Your requirements are for Managers and Experts with sharp aptitudes and Know How. These rare individuals are most often blossoming in their current job and would not ever think of leaving it: We made our specialty.

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Jeunes femmes d'affaires

We build our relationship with you on two complementary principles, ensuring the most fruitful collaboration:

Success of the recruitment:

The ability to intimately understand the requested profile, Create harmony between the ideal profile and the individual's potential motivations, Neutralise uncertainty and Develop complicity.

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Entretien informatif

Delivery on our commitments:

Your company, your market and you have imperatives:

Targets to meet, Timing, important decisions to make, confidentiality, procedures, communication, …

Therefore, we thrive to meet your imperatives and so fulfil the expectations you have upon us.

The benefits we bring to you:

Understand appropriate Know How and network to identify individuals

Enthusiasm to create a climate of confidence

Ally professionalism and personal satisfaction

The will to succeed and We are Market driven.

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